Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pinecones & Respect Myself & Others

Our troop had a fun meeting today.  We started with snack and coloring their own pumpkin pages.  The girls have some creative designs.

We talked about Girl Scout Founder Juliette Low, and how she loved to watch birds.  In honor of  her birthday this month, we made our own pinecone bird-feeders.  The girls first covered their pinecones in peanut butter, then rolled them in bird seed.  A piece of string was tied to the top of the pinecone so it could be hung from a tree branch.

Rolling the PB pine cones in bird seed.

We discussed Respecting Myself and Others today to earn our purple Daisy petal.  We read the story I'm Gonna Like Me by Jamie Lee Curtis, and talked about ways that we show respect for ourself and for other people we meet and know.

The girls then made paper doll friends to demonstrate respect for others.  Some friends looked like us, others looked different, and some had special needs.  They all needed to be dressed and taken care of, so the girls took care of all of them by getting them dressed and looking good!

Visit our Photo Gallery to see all of our troop photos.

Our friend Courtney has moved to a new school, and will be unable to stay with our troop this year.  We wish her the best at her new school.  A couple other friends in our troop were not able to attend today's meeting, but will be back next time.  One was sick, and the other had a conflict with a prior commitment.  I will put together a packet of what we did so that they can complete the activities at home to earn their petal.

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