Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Friendly and Helpful

Today's meeting focused on the girls' yellow petal for being Friendly & Helpful. We talked about  different ways they could be friendly and helpful at home and at school.  We then helped the girls make Daisy Helping Hands coupon booklets.

Each girl had a Helping Hands Coupons sheet to cut apart.  (If you want to modify your own Helping Hand coupons, here is our Word doc version.)  The coupons were each glued on a piece of construction paper.
Helping Hands Coupons
The girls punched a hole in each card, and we helped them tie them together to make a coupon book.

Helping Hands Coupon Book

For our second activity, we made our own version of Helping Hands Calling cards.  Each time they do an act of kindness, they can leave their calling card behind.

Helping Hands Calling Cards

The girls had a sheet of hand prints, and a sheet of Helping Hands Calling cards to cut.  (We had pre-cut the hands as circle-shaped pieces before the meeting.)  The girls colored the hands, and glued one to each of their cards.   They took these cards home along with a Calling Card coloring sheet.

We sent the girls home with our own version of a Kindness Keeper.  We cut a 2"x18" strip of white craft foam, and wrote the girl's name on the bottom of their strip.  We punched a hole at the top, reinforced it with hole reinforcement labels, and tied a piece of plastic lace to it.  We gave each girl a pack of daisy gems (found in the $1 bins at Michaels).  

Sample Kindness Keeper

The girls are to hang their Kindness Keeper from a door or cabinet.  Each time they do a good deed, they get to stick a daisy gem on their keeper. It make a pretty display of their kindness.  

See all the photos from today here.

Visit our Photo Gallery page to see photos from each of our meetings.

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  1. this is adorable! Our troop will borrow this idea and do the coupon books for their badge. We are blending this badge activity with our investiture, so will also practice being friendly and helpful by welcoming parents and serving them snacks.

  2. Awesome site! Many thanks from Richmond, Va (but used to live right around the corner from you in Ashburn)! I'm a new Daisy Troop leader with Kindergarteners. :) Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. This is perfect! Thank you!!

  4. With the Kindness Keeper do you have the Daisy girls bring it back in to show that it is complete? Love these ideas. Thank You

  5. I made an additional sheet of possible chores for Daisies-- helping with laundry, feeding pet, raking leaves, carrying groceries, bringing in the mail, helping with dishes, clearing the table, watering the plants and making lunch. If you'd like me to send a copy so that other Daisy leaders can use it, feel free to e-mail me.

  6. Thank you so much for these great ideas and for the templates, this is a big help for those of us planning meetings! We are doing almost the same meeting tonight with a group of Daisies in Raleigh, NC.


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