Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Meeting

Our meeting today was relaxed and fun for the holidays.

We had a little food - something salty, something sweet, something healthy to eat.  Tortilla chips, cookies and grapes.

For a craft, the girls made wreath photo-ornaments for their family.

We passed out the cookie sale info to the parents too.  Being our first year as Daisy Girl Scouts, selling cookies will be optional.  The girls are welcome to sell some boxes to friends and family if they are interested, but no pressure.

Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Courageous and Strong

For December, our troop participated in the Holiday Mail for Heroes program supported by the American Red Cross.  The girls made holiday greeting cards for our Military and wrote words of thanks for their service to our country.

Holiday greeting cards for our military.

This activity tied into our Courageous and Strong patch for today.  We talked about who we think of when we think of men and women who are courageous and strong.  People in our military serve as one easy example.  We also discussed how being courageous also means getting past your fear to try something new.

We did a couple of fun activities to see if we could be courageous.  The first game was called emotions.  The girls pick out of a paper bag a piece of paper that had an emotion on it, like Happy, Sad, Mad, Glad, Excited, Hurt, Surprised, etc...  Each girl had to stand in front of the group to act out the emotion without talking. It could take quite a bit of courage to do this in front of everyone.

Mystery bag for testing courage.  :-)

The second game we played was a fun one to see "Who has enough courage to put their hand inside a container if they don't know what's inside?"    For this activity, each girl was given a brown paper bag that was bunched up closed at the top with a narrow opening (held by a rubber band).  They couldn't see what was in it, but we asked if anyone was Brave enough to put their hand inside.  They were all a bit nervous, but they were very brave and stuck their hand in.  They were so surprised to feel something slimy, and discover that it was a cup of open pudding that they stuck their hand into!   Of course, the next question they asked was "Can we eat it?"  Of course.

Enjoying their courageous efforts.   :-)

We closed out our meeting with a gingerbread/snowman foam bead necklace craft for each girl to make.

Showing off their new necklaces.

The girls took home their red petal patch for being Courageous and Strong!

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