Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Party & Count It Up! Leaf

The first part of our meeting was decorating holiday cookies.  They had lots of fun decorating and eating!!

All sugared up!

We got to work on our Count It Up Leaf.  Our Cookie Sales season is starting and this will be our first year for us to sell cookies.   Our council is a Super-Six Council with cookies this season - that means we are only selling the top six types of GS cookies.

Cookie Money Worksheet
Our cookies sell for $4 per box, so we worked with the girls to learn to figure out how much multiple boxes cost, and how to make change for their customers.  We helped the girls complete the questions on the back of their Cookie Worksheet to help them understand.  If you would like to modify the worksheet for your own needs, download the Word doc version here.

We then practiced selling cookies by role-playing.  The girls would take turns knocking on a closed door and practice selling cookies to Michelle when she opened it.

Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?

Some of the girls even pretended to be kids at a house who would help their mom choose cookies to buy!
Which cookies are your favorite?

We then decided on a goal for our upcoming cookie sales.  Since we've never sold cookies before, and know that some girls may sell much more than others, we came up with a troop sales goal of 100 boxes.  We used a copy of an example goal chart from a page in the GS Daisy Guide.

The girls then went home with their second financial literacy petal, Count It UP!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Investiture, Rededication & Money Counts

We had our investiture today to officially welcome Sydney to Girl Scouts.  We had a rededication ceremony to reaffirm our returning girls to scouts too.

Each of our girls has a votive candle with their name on it.  We reuse these candles at each of our ceremonies.

I have a copy of an older GS Ceremonies booklet from the Girl Scouts Delaware-Raritan, and pulled from there to create today's ceremony.

After our ceremony, we worked on the Daisy Money Counts leaf.

We followed the the first two activities outlined in the Daisy GS Guide.  We laid out different coins and discussed their value and how they equate to paper denominations.  The girls also received a Money Worksheet, found from Troop 500.

The last activity was assigned as homework for the girls.  The task was to determine how much things cost.

Budget Cards worksheet given as homework.

The girls were given Budget Cards (also found from troop Troop 500) worksheets to take home. Their assignment was to price out the cost of a few activities that we could do as a troop with the cookie money we will be earning. Their parents would assist them with this.

The girls went home with their first leaf petal for the front of their vest!

Click here to see all the photos from today's meeting.

Visit our Photo Gallery to see all the photos from our troop.

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