Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Barbie I Can Be.... Anything! Patch

Our girls did activities today to earn their Barbie I Can Be... patch.

Each girl received a copy of the Petal Power and Follow the Honeybee's Trail Daisy activity pages from the Barbie I Can Be booklet.  We reviewed these activities, and also talked about all of the different jobs we learned about from our field trip to the Costco warehouse.

The girls received a copy of the last page of the booklet printed on card-stock.  This page contains the Barbie and Teresa dolls to be cut out to make paper dolls.

After carefully cutting out these dolls and their stands, the girls received a copy of papers containing career outfits.  There was one page of career outfits in the Barbie booklet, and a separate pdf file of more outfits.   The separate file of outfits are in black and white to allow the girls to color their own career outfits.  We talked about what these different career outfits were all about.  The girls each cut out their favorite profession outfit for their doll.

The girls were able to take these pages home to continue coloring and cutting at home if desired.  They also went home with a copy of the Go Online page from the Barbie booklet to learn more about inspiring women at home.

The girls went home with their own Barbie patch today.  Only one patch may be requested at a time from the Girl Scouts, so we had each mom order a patch for their daughter ahead of time so that we would have them in time for today's meeting.  (If you want to download a free digital version to iron on to an uniform, click here.)

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow Day... Again!

Winter has given us many snow storms this year.  Just when we thought we were clear for Spring, we've got another round of snow to cause school cancellations.  We were to do our Barbie I Can Be... patch at today's meeting, and we will just wait until our next meeting on the 18th to do them.  See you then!

Snow on our pine trees today.

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