Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Use Resources Wisely

Our plan for today's meeting was to do a couple of activities for the girls to earn their clover green petal for using their resources wisely.

Our first activity was to reuse the empty toilet paper rolls to make seedling planters.  The girls came to the meeting with toilet paper rolls and a shoe box to carry their project home.  This activity took longer than expected, so we didn't get to the other activity today.

First cut the paper rolls in half.

Cut four slits in the bottom, and fold like a box.  See  TUTORIAL below...

Fill each with soil.

Label each planter and cover a few seeds with soil in each.

Once the seedlings sprout, the cardboard planter can be planted in the ground whole.

To see all of the photos from today's meeting.  Click here.

Visit our Photo Gallery to see all of the photos from this Daisy year.


1. Start with empty toilet paper rolls.

2.  Cut each roll in half.

3. Cut four slits across from each  other on one side, 

4.  Fold the four slits down, like you are folding a box.

5. Press flat to form bottom of planter.

6. Fill with soil.  Label.

7. Bury a few seeds into each planter.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Honest & Fair

For today's petal, we read two stories to the girls.  The first was called Being Fair by Mary Small.  This books gives different examples of what being fair means in different situations.

The second story was Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie by Laura Rankin.  This was a great story of a little girl, and how she feels and deals with telling a little lie.

Before the meeting, I bought several items from the local dollar store - stampers, candy, balls, barrettes, small toys.  To help the girls understand how to be fair, we gave each girl a goodie bag.  Some of the goodie bags were stuffed full to the top, and some others just had a few little items.   We sat in a circle and went around as each girl opened their bag and shared what they received.  It was quite clear that the goodie bags were not equal in their contents.  After obvious disappointment from the girls who didn't receive the big loot bags, we talked about what we could do to make things fair.  The girls all thought they could share their stuff with everyone.  We went through each type of item and pooled them together for each girl to take turns picking an item.   All the girls were super happy to get equal amounts of goodies to keep.

What was great was that even before we discussed how to balance the loot, there was some sharing from a girl who had a big stash to her neighbor Daisy who didn't receive much.

We then made Leprechaun Finger Puppets for St. Patrick's Day.  This was a lot of fun for the girls, although they needed some help with the glue.

Click here for the instructions for the Leprechaun Finger Puppet.

To see all of the photos from today's meeting.  Click here.

Visit our Photo Gallery to see all of the photos from this Daisy year.

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