Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Responsible for What I Say & Do

Today's meeting focused on responsibility and how the girls can be more responsible for their actions.

Kathleen read the story Franklin Forgets so we could talk a bit about being responsible.

For our project, each girl made their own Daisy Responsibility/Kaper chart.  We used the GS Daisy from makingfriends.com and had the girls cut out the daisy and glue it on a piece of card-stock.  I made copies of job/responsibility magnets from a chart I had.  Each girl chose 10 of their favorite tasks, cut them out and glued them next to a daisy petal.

When they were done, they got a sheet of "Helping Hands" stickers.  Every time they complete one of their tasks they are to put a sticker on their petal.  The girls can bring their charts back at our next meeting to show off how filled their daisy charts are.

Completed Responsibility Chart & Helping Hands Stickers

We also created lollipop treats and Valentine cards to exchange with another Girl Scout troop in Ohio.

The girls earned their orange petal for Being Responsible for What they Say & Do.

We also have a new puppy at our meetings!
Meet Shadow

See all the photos from today here.

Visit our Photo Gallery page to see photos from each of our meetings.

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