Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Juliette Low Bday, Pumpkin Craft

Today's meeting was a Birthday Party celebration in honor ouf Girl Scout Founder, Juliette Gordon Low.  Her birthday is October 31, but our troop will not meet again before her bday, so we celebrated it a little early. ☺

First we had our Easy-Peasy Pumpkin CakeMix Cupcakes.  The girls loved them!

Then we played a Kim's Game of Juliette Gordon Low.  A Kim's game  is where you show several objects to represent a story.  After the story is read, an item is removed from the display, and the girls would have to guess what was missing.  The girls have a great memory because they were good at this game.

We made small stuffed pumpkins today for the fall season and for Juliette's birthday being the same day as Halloween.  A small plate was used as a template to cut circles of orange fabric before the meeting.  During the Kim's game, the moms helped by running some thread around the edge of the fabric circles.  We didn't want any little fingers getting poked by a needle during our activity.

Each girl was given a couple spoons of beans for weight on the bottom of the pumpkin and plenty of fluff they could pick and stuff inside.  We then cinched up the pumpkins a bit and put some glue inside the hole on top and stuck a branch inside.  Then the thread was pulled taught and secured.

Small leaves were cut out of green felt and a raffia bow completed our craft.


To see all of the photos from today's meeting, Click Here.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Girl Scout Camp-Theme Kaper Chart

We started our second year of Girl Scouts!  We welcomed everyone back, and got to work on our new Kaper Chart.  A Kaper in Girl Scouts is a job or task.  To give the girls a little more responsibility in their troop, they each will have a job or kaper assigned to them at each meeting.  The jobs rotate at each meeting.

The theme for our kaper chart is camping, because Girl Scout love to camp.  We used part of a trifold foam board that was leftover from a prior school project.   There are sleeping bags on our chart, each with a job on it.  (Click here to download a Word doc of the sleeping bags.)  The bags were taped/laminated onto the board, and a slit cut for an opening in each bag to make it a pocket.

The girls were each given a friend, printed on cardstock, in need of her GS uniform. We had some Daisy uniform pages printed, and the girls cut out the hair and clothes to represent themselves and glued them on to their paper doll.  These little dolls were also laminated for durability and ease of sliding in and out of the sleeping bag pockets.  Each doll friend went into a sleeping bag.

The jobs we have so far are:

  • - Snack Assistant
  • - Flag Holder 
  • - Pledge Leader
  • - Friendship Circle Starter
  • - Kaper Chart (rotates the jobs at the end of the meeting for next time)

We have a few open sleeping bags on our chart to allow our troop to grow.  As we get new girls in our troop, we will have a new job added to an open bag.  ☺

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