Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Costco Field Trip!

We had an awesome time today on our field trip to our local Costco.  The store's manager, Mr. Keith, gave the girls the grand tour of all of the departments and jobs that make up this membership warehouse.  Each child received a Costco name badge with their name on it.  Mr. Keith told them this would be their orientation to the warehouse, as if they were a real employee.

We started at the Customer Service Desk, and headed to the Tire Center, then thru the main entrance  to the Photo Center then the Optical Center.  We stopped in at each department to learn a little about how it is run.  Mr. Keith explained how Costco stores, tracks and displays their merchandise, and how employees maintain the appearance of the warehouse.

We continued through warehouse to the back of the store where the Bakery is located. Mr. Keith explained how much the bakery department produces every day.  We even got to sample free cookies while here.

On to the Meat department to meet the butchers and then to the Produce department.  All of the employees would greet our troop as we visited their department.

We explored the back dock where the trucks deliver the goods from the depot to the warehouse.  We watched an employee demonstrate the forklift and how it is used to move and store the merchandise.

We continued the tour through the food sections of the store and went to visit the Pharmacy and Hearing departments.  From there we went through the Employee Lounge and  management offices.  Mr. Keith then gave each of the kids a free backpack they could use in school.

We finished our tour at the Food Court, and were treated to complimentary pizza, lemonade and churros for our group.

Such an awesome field trip!  We will use some of what we learned today about different jobs for the Barbie I Can Be badge.

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  1. Who did you contact to set up your field trip? The store manager?


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